Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Fools of April 2012

"This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are the other three-hundred and sixty-four."
– Mark Twain

As has become my custom for the past few years, I've taken note of some of the April Fools mischief on the Internet during the day. What follows is a list of pranks that simply appeared unbidden in my inbox, on my Facebook page or in my Twitter stream.

My favorite was the first: Science 2.0 (renamed Seance 2.0 for the day) clocked in before midnight EDT with Right Under Our Eyes: Nibiru On Its Way?, about the planet Nibiru, formerly known as Neptune. According to the story, Nibiru has wobbled off its axis and is "behaving according to the Mayan and Nostradamian prophecies." It will approach but not collide with Earth on December 21, 2012, causing massive tsunamis. The key to survival: Get out in the middle of the ocean.

Music business pundit Bob Lefsetz announced "I Quit" in his newsletter today. It's a hilarious piece of self- and industry parody that starts with a complaint about being persecuted by Taylor Swift and concludes with the revelation that he's taking a job with a hedge fund.

Comedian Andy Borowitz reported that "as an April Fools prank, Fox News will switch to an all-truth format for the day."

NPR reported that "Tweets Will Shrink to 133 Characters."

Scientific American got into the act with a report titled: "Neuroscientists: We Don't Really Know What We're Talking About, Either." It began "NEW YORK — At a surprise April 1 press conference, a panel of neuroscientists confessed that they and most of their colleagues make up half of what they write in research journals and tell reporters."

The Planet Nibiru

"If every fool wore a crown, we should all be kings."
– Welsh proverb

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